Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Taegan Milk Trial / T Tubes / CPAP

We really enjoyed the milk trial and it really opened up many new foods and cooking for the whole family was definitely easier adding milk. We were all sure Taegan would pass. We felt good about it and he didn't have any signs/symptoms of milk bothering him. He told me several times that we didn't need to do the scope because he knew he was going to pass. We scoped him for the 11th time in August and we were shocked when we saw the scope pictures. They weren't horrible, we had seen worse, but they looked like the EE was coming back. I felt sick about it and his first question when he woke up from surgery was if he was allergic to milk. You could see where the eosiniophils were starting to form patches along his esophagus. We were pretty devastated and of course my first reaction is to pull milk out of his diet. 
Getting too big to carry.

After talking about it to the doctor and doing some research we decided to try flovent and allow him to still have milk. So now we are on a flovent/milk trial and he will be scoped in a couple weeks to find out if that worked or not. I hate medicating kids but knew this day might come, and felt o.k. about the decision after much debating. Taegan has had his biggest weight jump after being on milk. His pediatrician calls him chunky monkey. He loves ice cream and is 60 lbs and 50". I like seeing him this way though, as most of this life he was so skinny.

So Taegan has also had 3 ear infections since putting the tubes in. I didn't find out until he had his first ear infection that the ENT messed up and put in normal tubes instead of T tubes like he had originally planned. There are higher risk for the T tubes but we have once again decided to put in T tubes. This poor kid gets ear infections frequently and if he gets sick with anything it usual turns into an infection. It is nice to do the scope and Tubes at the same time. We will also draw his blood again to see where his allergy numbers are at. 

Kadence and her CPAP:

Kadence has done extremely well with her CPAP. She has a hard time sleeping without it. I have to say the worst part is the rats nests in her hair every morning. We are still frustrated in the fact that she is still having terrors despite her CPAP and anxiety medication. They aren't as regular but they are still happening and sometimes she will walk out of bed with her mask attached and pull the machine upside down and then the water is blowing in her face and she doesn't know what is going on or how to get it off because she is out of it. It is kind of scary sometimes and I have a weird fear or her drowning by her CPAP. (Probably couldn't happen...but the thought crosses my mind.) 

 The kids having fun at swimming lessons with their cousins and best friends.

 Taegan enjoys his karate class.
Best birthday cake yet. Ice Cream cake.